Application and Data Security

Wireframe Solutions offers applications power-packed with security features. We maintain security considerations during the application design, development, and even after the deployment stage. We follow various security techniques, including physical security, logical and administrative controls to ensure the data security of users. With our threat modeling and penetration testing, we continuously test apps for any vulnerability. Along with usability and aesthetics, we make security a bigger differentiator for the success of our applications.

Authentication Procedures

Wireframe solutions have a team of in house experts that build applications that require a 2 step authentication to save the application against any security breaches. We offer token authentication to create session IDs for the application users. We use the JWT token solution which is the highly recommended token implementation across the web. It is URL safe, compact, and encryptable which makes our application authentication procedure robust.

Security testing and Secure Coding

Our in house experts create mobile applications with various security checks to ensure that we offer a secure user experience. Our applications follow an agile development and highly secure code to protect them from reverse engineering by hackers. We practice code hardening to protect our applications against any hacking practices. We also perform security audits to comply with a specific set of security criteria.


Our solution encrypts every single unit of the data exchanges over the applications. We provide a sophisticated for your data protection. For robust security, our solution encrypts users' sensitive data from being seen or used. We offer end-to-end encryption

Authorized Access

Our solution does not end with authentication. Our solution grants access only to authorized APIs. Our applications work by investigating with access control process and validate APIs that are authorized to access the application. Moreover, our applications restrict the access of loosely coded APIs to avoid unintentional hacker privileges.

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