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The Cornucopia Project

Technology and innovation must act as a social change-To reduce social gaps and inequality. To ensure every person on this planet has the chance to enjoy the fruits thereof and to make the world a better place.

-Yoel Esteron-

The above quote states that how technology must do something good for society. Businesses are leveraging technology for the upliftment of their business and encouraging the digital culture. But it’s time that businesses should uplift society by taking part in initiatives that aim at social change and welfare. A business should create partnerships not only for its business benefit but also for societal benefit.
This article is about a partnership between our digital platform Wireframe Solutions with the NGO Synergy India Foundation for The Cornucopia Project.
The Cornucopia Project is an initiative by the Telangana government, and it is driven by Synergy India Foundation. Wireframe solutions is providing its technical assistance to uplift the project with technology.

About The Cornucopia Project

The Cornucopia Project

The Cornucopia Project is apart of a bigger initiative, “Earth Schools.” The Cornucopia Project comes under the chapter Food Management and its aim is to create awareness about organic farming and its health benefits and also improving the health of children.
Furthermore, the goal of the Cornucopia project is to incentivize organic framing in school curriculum by developing an integrated farming model in schools.

The initiative will help us achieve the following:

  1. To cultivate the food that the school needs under the mid-day meal program.
  2. It will Develop future entrepreneurs in the food production sector by including organic farming in the school curriculum and also improving their skills.
  3. The initiative will create awareness about the health benefits of organic farming.
  4. It will improve the health of children by offering food items cultivated from organic farming.

Wireframe Solutions as the technology partner

Wireframe Solutions Web Development private limited is a global digital solutions provider. With our team of tech-savvy experts, we offer integration services, create enterprise and mobile applications. In addition to this, we offer web design and development services with our developers’ team. Our goal is to create a prolific innovation-led ecosystem of companies and partners.

Wireframe Solutions is the technology partner for the Cornucopia project. Our Digital solutions platform will offer digital marketing services and also a dashboard for the information management of the project.
We all know, digital marketing is in trend, and with this tool, many businesses are creating awareness for their brands. But in our case, we are leveraging the digital media to create awareness about this initiative by Synergy India Foundation. Also, a dashboard will manage the information and monitor the performance of the Cornucopia Project.

Youtube Marketing for Creating Project awareness

Digital Marketing services

Wireframe Solutions offers a bundle of digital marketing services like SEO, PPC, SMM, etc. to companies to spread awareness about their brand through digital media. In the Cornucopia project, we are devising a youtube marketing strategy and also planning to leverage other platforms in the coming future.

Furthermore, Wireframe Solutions with its team is handling the youtube channel of SIF and creating video content for the platform. With our youtube marketing strategy, we will present the whole initiative by creating valuable video content. The video content will display the integration of the organic farming model in the school curriculum and how it is benefitting the children’s health. With youtube marketing efforts, the project can reach out to a large audience to inform them about the initiative so that more people learn the benefits of sustainable organic farming.


Digital marketing has the power to create noise for any initiative and activity so that it is heard by the target audience. With this strategy, the project will spread a good message in society that fertilizers can be harmful to the environment. Also, people will understand how organic farming in the school curriculum will create future agripreneurs.

Conventional farming practices cause soil erosion and pollute the environment. In addition to this conventional farming pollutes water, increases greenhouses, and severely impacts human health.

These issues need to spread across the nation to protect human and environmental health. Moreover, with an online marketing strategy, these messages can reach millions of people in a few minutes. That’s the power of digital marketing.
Also, with the digital solutions by wireframe solutions, the cornucopia project will be spread across the nation to encourage consumption of organically produced food items.

Furthermore, a benefit that the project will get from digital marketing is that it would measure how far the project has reached and how many people are aware of this great initiative.


Project Dashboard

Every project requires some information, and that information needs to be managed. Wireframe Solutions has created a separate dashboard for the cornucopia project. An information management dashboard is something that will help in monitoring the project at every stage. 


The dashboard provide the following information to monitor the status of the project:

  • The project status,
  • Tasks progress,
  • Pending tasks,
  • Conflicting tasks or shortfalls, etc.

All this information will keep the project on the right track so that it moves towards progress. Every task and activity adds value to this project so it should be managed optimally which would be achieved by the dashboard. The dashboard includes performance indicators that will highlight the progress and shortfalls that will ultimately uplift the project.

Moreover, the dashboard is designed with features like accessibility, customizability, scannability, and user-friendliness. Our technical assistance aims to measure and contribute to the progress of the project.

Wrapping up

Wireframe Solutions is looking forward to work for this great initiative. A company should be part of something good that not only adds value to the business but also society. This initiative will improve human health and environmental condition and also be a part of the holistic development of children. We are overwhelmed to offer our technical assistance in the project looking forward to its progress.

Learn more about the initiative follow and follow the Synergy India Foundation’s Youtube handle to know the project’s progress.

Also, follow Wireframe Solutions on Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn and share your ideas and we will build them into reality with our team of experts.

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