9 Best SEO Practices to Follow in 2021

SEO Best Practices

What does your SEO strategy look like in 2021?

Are you still jamming over the same old keyword, titles, interlinking practices ?

If yes, then it’s time to change your SEO strategy and upgrade it for better optimization.
2020 has uplifted the SEO standards as most of the businesses have entered the online platforms. So it’s time to renovate your SEO strategy to be more competitive in the online arena.

Your SEO strategy should suffice for changes in customer intent and search patterns. As technology innovations are happening each day, the customer’s behaviors and browsing style are also changing. Moreover, the search engines have become more advanced, so it calls for advancement in SEO strategy.

We are listing down some of the best SEO practices that businesses should follow to dominate the SERPs in 2021.


Optimize for Voice Searches

Image Optimization

The voice search technology is trending and getting much popularity these days. Voice technology innovations like Amazon’s Alexa and Google assistant have made voice search popular. Many of the eCommerce platforms are also including a voice search feature. So optimizing for voice search queries is the need of the hour.

In voice search, the keywords have to be lengthy as compared to text searches. It is because a user would be more specific and use longer sentences to search for something.
So optimizing for voice searches is practice that every website should follow to appear in search results.

Appear in Featured Snippets

Every business’s SEO strategy is focused on achieving the top position in the SERPs. But in 2021, you should aim at getting the position zero in SERPs as well.

Featured snippets are the position zero search results, which displays at the top of the search result pages in a box. Its other name is answer boxes as it appears in a box in an answer form. The featured snippets appear even above the number one search result.

Featured snippets can boost click-through rate as it matches the exact search query of any user. So every website should follow this SEO practice.

Increase Content Length

Every SEO expert would suggest increasing the content length so that your website content gets better crawling by search engines. But how lengthy the content should be?

Earlier it was suggested to keep at least 1000 words in the content, but according to research, you should create the content of approx 3000 words to get 3 times better crawling. The more content means the better optimization

Keep your website Mobile-Friendly

Mobile Friendly

We have been hearing about mobile-friendly websites for a long time. But now it has become even more important than before. SEO experts know that most of the users perform searches using their mobile phones. So, websites should go for mobile optimization. Also, the fact is even the search engines prioritize the mobile version of a website.

In 2019 Google initiated mobile-first indexing, which looks first at the mobile version of a website. Almost 60 % of searches are conducted through mobile phones, and it will increase and reach 73% by 2025.

The increase in mobile phone users explains this rise in mobile phone search queries and the need for mobile optimization.

Practice Local SEO

If a business follows a general SEO strategy, it might take time to reach the top position. But Local SEO is a strategy that can have you at the top promptly.

Most of the users carry out local searches over the internet. Which means they are looking for businesses or places nearby in a city or town. For example, the “near me” searches like ‘Restaurants near me.’

Local SEO

Over 46% of the Google searches are made with local intent. So that’s why Google changed its search algorithm and works on proximity factor. It takes business location into account when the search intent is local. These local intent search results appear at the top even if their overall page rankings are low. So, local searches get a dominant position on the SERPs.

It means that it’s time to optimize your business website for local SEO. You can optimize for local SEO by creating Google my business account.

Enhance User-Experience

Improvement in user experience is a practice that is always in trend. Your website should keep updating and upgrading the content to enhance the user’s experience. For that, you should include visuals like images, videos, graphics, infographics, etc., in your website. It makes your website visually appealing and engages users.

Also, website speed can enhance the user experience, so you should focus more on optimizing website speed. If your website does not load in 3 seconds, then most users will skip to another website. It can also affect the bounce rates of your website.
So never miss out on these tactics to improve user experience.

Obtain Authoritative Backlinks

We have known linking as one of the best SEO practices for a long time. But getting backlinks is not enough in 2021. The backlinks you get for your website should be from some authoritative website. This simply means that websites should obtain backlinks websites that hold dominant position on search engines. Moreover, the authoritative backlinks can make your website look more authentic.

Use Semantic keywords

Semantic keywords are the intent behind any specific keyword that the user enters in the search query. But these keywords are given the least importance when performing optimization. But in 2021, semantic keywords will gain prominence.

Google does not only look at the primary keywords but also discerns the user’s search intent. So your focus should be not only limited to primary keywords but also semantic keywords.
So, the websites should have content that matches the user’s search intent and answers the user’s query.

Prioritize Image Optimization

Image Optimization

Image optimization is a must in 2021. It is not a new practice but still, it lies among the best SEO practices list. Image optimization is a strategy that most people don’t pay much attention to. But in 2021, image optimization is a must.

Nowadays images are not just for decorative purposes, but it has much more importance. Images can present any information in a better way. In the future, these images will play a prominent role when people search for something online.

The Alt tags can help the crawlers to identify the images that belong to your site. Also, you should include images in the sitemap as it becomes easier to crawl. So you should include high quality, informative, and relevant images with labels and tags.

Wrapping Up

So these were some of the best digital marketing practices that you should follow in 2021. To gain the top-notch spot in SERPs, you should look up to these practices.

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